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Asian CSGO Minor Talent Announced (1 viendo) (1) Invitado
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Tema: Asian CSGO Minor Talent Announced
Asian CSGO Minor Talent Announced 6 Años, 4 Meses antes Karma: 0  
The talent lineup for Buy CSGO Skins your upcoming Asian CSGO Minor remains revealed by tournament organiser PGL.

Popular analyst Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields will probably be accompanied by former player Natu round the analyst desk because the duo of Sadokist and HenryG will probably be casting.

After Chinese team TyLoo shocked the CS world at Dreamhack Malmo earlier around, there remains a lot of fascination with the Asian Counter Strike scene. The event will need place on May 5th – 8th within the Nexon eSports Arena in Seoul, South Korea.

CSGO like friends can come to our website to see, something inside the package you satisfied
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